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Leadership Blog

I have a theory that thoughts solidify when communicated. The concepts I walk through in this blog are really just my way to firm up my ideas on various aspects of being a leader.  

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Product Reviews

I am a geek and I like geek things.  On a regular basis I buy things that I may or may not really need.   Sometimes what I bought them for works out, and sometimes they are destined to the shelf of misfit toys.  Find out the results here.

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Travel Blog

I have had the opportunity to travel to many places in the recent past.  Here is where I'll share those adventures.  

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Photography Blog

I have a expensive habit.  It is not drugs, or alcohol, or any such nefarious activity.  My habit includes the application of physics in a medium that can be used to convey artistic points of view.  In this block I'll share with you some of my photo's and the adventures that led me to take them.

Take me to the captured light represented in 1's and 0's!